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Whiskey and wine barrels for sale
Wisconsin Barrel Company
Distilled Decor

Originally used to age bourbon for 5+ years, we turn these barrels into furniture and decor that can live on forever!

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Quality, Personalized Products

Barrel Signs

It's the top team in America, (no bias) so of course we had to get the trademark rights. University of Wisconsin barrels, signs, and clocks - your pick!

Our top seller for a reason! These custom signs add a fantastic touch to any room in your home.

Barrel Tables
Personalized Barrel Sign

Options Options Options! 
You can add caster wheels, footrest, customization, and three styles of table top. Shop below or message us to get a custom quote!

Wedding Gifts & Rentals

(for more than just the open bars)

Personalized Shot Ski

Hop off the registry train & surprise them with something they'll love!

Why buy when you can rent?
We offers Barrels, Tables, Wedding Arch, Card Boxes, Barrel Coolers & more for rent!

Barrel Rentals

Customized Barrels

Personalized Barrels
Whiskey or Wine? Not the drink this time! Choose your style of barrel and we'll work with you on the rest to create custom barrels for your home.
About Us
Coyle Woodworks

Meet The Coyles


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Thank you for visiting our website.  Previously known as Coyle Woodworks, we are a family-operated woodworking business in Windsor, Wisconsin.  We have been creating whiskey barrel decor since 2017, although woodwork and custom crafts have been a passion of ours for many years and we are excited to share this hobby with you! Please feel free to message us with any questions regarding your custom product. Talk soon! :)

Find our work here!